Thanksgiving at Hunter Gatherer


Whether you’re looking for a taste of Thanksgiving or a feast for the family, the Hunter Gatherer kitchen has you covered.

3_Thanksgiving-OnePersonIPA2_Thanksgiving-Set Wine

You can dine in with us or pre-order 2 days ahead to take home a HG Thanksgiving feast.

takeout  Thanksgiving family set takeout

What’s on the Menu

烤鸡 土豆泥馅料green bean蔓越莓肉汁

Did You Know?

Turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving, but at Hunter Gatherer we use oven-roasted chicken. Why? Because, try as we may, we haven’t found a large enough supplier of antibiotic-free, hormone-free naturally raised turkeys. Our chicken supplier checks all the boxes for safer and better tasting poultry and that’s why we use chicken, not turkey, in our Thanksgiving meals.

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