Taste and Learn About Antibiotic-Free Meats and Poultry at Hunter Gatherer


At Hunter Gatherer, we believe Real Food goes beyond farm to restaurant fork—everyone should be able to bring home all-natural and wholesome foods to their kitchen as well. That’s why we fill our grocery shelves with chemical-free produce and hand-picked products from brands consistent with our commitment to food safety and health. You’ll be able to taste the difference, learn the backstory behind our trusted partners, and find out what makes these premium meats a cut above the rest.


Starting April, we’ll spotlight our favorite all-natural partners every month and offer in-store sampling so you can discover new tastes and stories behind the food. This month we’ll focus on our selection of 100% antibiotic-free and restaurant-grade meats and poultry.


Silver Fern


Few places in the world can compete with the quality of red meat raised in New Zealand’s lush green pastures. We’ve teamed up with Silver Fern Farms to import the best-tasting cuts of free-range, grass-fed beef and lamb that are 100% raised and processed in New Zealand. The cows and sheep are raised without any added hormones or antibiotics, while access to the outdoors and fresh air give way to cuts that are naturally lean and tender.


Silver Fern Farms’ state-of-the-art facilities guarantee food safety, product traceability, and improved eating quality from pasture to plate. You can really taste the difference between these pasture-raised grass-fed meats and the conventional grain-fed meats. Silver Fern Farms’ lamb is lean and juicy with a subtle sweetness, while the beef is incredibly tender and full-bodied.


“When I eat grass-fed, I know that it not only benefits my body, but also improves the environment.” — Laurence, Team Member.

To get the best flavor from your red meat, always remember to cook at room temperature, cut the meat across the grain to maintain tenderness, and use a hot pan when cooking to ensure a nice sear that traps in the juices. Our favorite Silver Fern Farms cuts are the prime steaks and roasts—the meats are so delicious and flavorful you won’t need much seasoning—but we also offer stir-fry beef and lamb for a more versatile option that you can mix with vegetables and rice.

Tender Plus


For the best beef Australia has to offer, we set our sights on Gippsland, a region in southern Victoria renowned for rich pastures, clean air, and pristine water. Our Australian beef partner Tender Plus supplies us with Australian-raised and -processed Gippsland Fresh beef, which is 100% natural and free from hormones and antibiotics.


All Gippsland Fresh beef comes from British-bred cattle and is graded to exacting standards in meat quality. At Hunter Gatherer, we exclusively carry Tender Plus’ Angus beef and we also offer two choices: grass-fed and grain-fed. While both types are fed nutritious, antibiotic-free diets, there is a difference in flavor. For leaner meat with a stronger taste, try the grass-fed Angus beef strip loin, rib eye, or oyster blade. The 150 day-aged grain-fed Angus beef strip loins and rib eyes, on the other hand, will be more tender with a milder flavor and greater marbling.

Natural Poultry Group


If Natural Poultry Group (NPG) sounds familiar it’s because they’re the suppliers we use for all our chicken on the Hunter Gatherer menu.

NPG chickens are raised on a farm at Yantai, Shandong, using natural, traditional methods with zero antibiotics, hormones, or harmful additives. The chickens are raised indoors in a clean, safe, and cage-free environment with ample space to roam around freely. As a result, NPG chickens are more nutritious and 30% less fatty than conventionally grown chickens.


Interestingly, NPG also uses plant-based Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to raise a better and healthier flock. These responsibly raised chickens eat a 100% vegetarian diet made up of corn, wheat, soya, and other important nutrients.


Chicken is a very versatile meat to cook with, but if you’re in need of ideas you can always look at the Hunter Gatherer menu for inspiration. Try brining the chicken in a tea glaze before roasting; use leftover chicken bones to create a stock for soup; grill chicken breast and toss it with creamy Alfredo noodles; or dice up chicken thigh to use in a green curry.

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