New Summer Drinks-Why We’re Mixing Lemonade into Coffee



1(4) Hunter Gatherer has a new way of cooling off in Shanghai’s sweltering summers—and it’s one that may surprise you. Meet Sparking Cold Brew Lemonade, our newest iced summer drink, made from real citrus and cold brew coffee, that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

微信图片_20170801112732Lemons and coffee might seem like a strange match, but they work surprisingly well together. The bright notes of citrus pair wonderfully with the smooth nutty taste of cold brew coffee. This icy, tart, and deeply refreshing drink has caught on in coffee shops around the world and we’re excited to present our own twist on the popular beverage that we’re sure even non-coffee drinkers will love.

冰柠气泡翡冷萃Made with real limes and lemons, our Sparking Cold Brew Lemonade has a fresh and clean taste sweetened with a bit of simple syrup and made delightfully bubbly with a spritz of soda.


微信图片_20170731133740Since the cold brew process brings out the best in the coffee beans, it’s important for Hunter Gatherer to find an excellent coffee source. We’re proud to work with local lifestyle and coffee brand DOE to bring you a super high-quality medium roast based off of their house blend.


iceCold brew coffee is not regular old iced coffee. Instead of brewing coffee with hot water, our freshly ground beans are brewed in cold water, undisturbed, for upwards of 12 hours. We then filter the grounds from the liquid to create a crisp, undiluted taste that lets you really taste the quality of the beans. By using this cold water process, we avoid the chemical reaction that produces acids and bitterness when hot water is used. And with up to 67% less acidity, the cold brew process results in a coffee that is easier on your stomach and smoother in taste.


Our Sparkling Cold Brew Lemonade is available all summer long. 餖冷萃冰咖*We also offer straight up cold brew coffee on ice.

 Drink something unordinary!


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