NEW: Introducing “Pretty Ugly” Juices


Did you know that roughly a third of the planet’s food gets lost or wasted—mostly because of the way it looks?

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Teaming up with Shanghai artist and illustrator Flabjacks, we’re also giving extra love to five “ugly” fruits and vegetables from our new juice lineup by bringing them to life as a full family of Ugly Fruit and Vegetable characters.eye

From Carl the Carrot to Ann the Apple, these ugly guys and girls all suffer from low self-esteem due to a life of constant neglect and rejection. We’re doing our best to support them and put them in the spotlight they truly deserve. We’re pretty sure you’ll see that they’re just as lovable as their “prettier” cousins on the grocery shelves. Stay tuned for more on them in the coming weeks, but in the meantime look out for them in our stores!


As mentioned, you’ll hear more from the Ugly Fruits and Vegetables once they get over their initial shock of being accepted. Until then, enjoy your juice and Celebrate Ugly Food!


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