NEW: HG’s Blueberry Acai-bomb Froyo

New froyo

Good news froyo fans—HG Yanping Lu is adding a new froyo flavor to the mix! Since our launch of HG it’s froyo 3 months ago, we’ve been blown away by your love and support for our housemade frozen yogurt flavors. And today, right at the start of fall, we’re introducing a new sweet and tangy flavor unlike any before: Blueberry Acai-bomb.

Made with fresh blueberries, our Blueberry Acai-bomb flavor features a beautiful purple froyo base. We drizzle tart blueberry syrup on top along with a dash of acai berry powder, and then top it all off with sweet blueberries and lemon fizzy bitsthat offer an unexpected and addicting crunch.

Made with Real Californa milk, our 100% fat-free froyo contains live active yogurt cultures good for your health. It’s the ideal look-good, feel-good Real Food treat.


P.S. You’ll also find our new Blueberry Acai-bomb froyo this weekend at the Shanghai Wine and Dine Festival so don’t forget to stop by!


See you at HG Yanping Lu!


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