HG’s New Fall Bowl: Simply Umami


Have you ever taken a bite of food that instantly made your mouth water? If it tasted savory and meaty (especially if it wasn’t meat), you just experienced umami.


From miso to mushrooms, we love umami-packed foods at Hunter Gatherer. That’s why we’re welcoming fall with Simply Umami—a beautiful and flavorful HG bowl crafted with farm-fresh ingredients celebrating everything umami.

Our Autumn Bowl 



In Simply Umami, complex and deep umami flavors come from four major ingredients: miso, mushrooms, preserved duck egg, and bonito flakes. It’s a real feast for the eyes and taste buds.


HG Head Food Designer, Brian Bertelsen


Sprinkling of Umami Magic

散养鸡蛋 “Every season, we introduce a new HG bowl that highlights seasonal farm ingredients. Simply Umami has a lot of savory goodness in one bowl but we add an extra-special touch with preserved duck egg sourced from our own farms. After curing the duck egg in salt and sugar for four days, we grate the egg yolk atop the bowl to create bright and beautiful yellow shavings with intense flavor similar to Parmesan cheese.”

Did you know?

Umami was coined by Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda who proposed the existence of a “fifth taste” in 1908. This savory flavor can be found in foods rich in glutamate, an amino acid that naturally occurs in all living things. Foods with high levels of natural glutamate are usually matured, cured, or fermented, and range from aged cheeses and soy sauce to ripe tomatoes and mushrooms.

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