June Picks: Milk-grown Blueberries and Melons

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There’s no better way to start the day than with a handful of fresh, juicy blueberries with breakfast. In honor of summer and delicious meals, we’re filling Hunter Gatherer shelves with baskets full of blueberries for June’s Pick of the Month! Continue reading June Picks: Milk-grown Blueberries and Melons

Clean Start to Spring: New Gather & Go Menu

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Spring is a time of new beginnings. In the spirit of clean starts, we’ve revamped our Gather & Go menu to offer fresh new takes on your favorite wraps and parfaits!

Our spring menu refresh introduces a wider variety of flavors with four new wraps—can be enjoyed cold or heated to order—and three new parfaits. As always, Gather & Go (G&G) is all about making it easy and delicious to enjoy real food on-the-go—and now you can also combine a G&G wrap with any cold-pressed juice or soup for a specially priced lunch set, or add any G&G item with your HG bowl for a special deal.

To make room for our new flavors we’re taking G&G salads and dips off the table for now—though Hunter Gatherer Yanping Lu will still carry salads. Containers of freshly sliced fruits can still be enjoyed at all four locations.


Salmon and Egg Wrap

Salmon and Egg Wrap

Savory with a hint of sweetness, this spinach tortilla wrap combines salmon and sliced eggs with the sweet crunch of apple and chopped pea sprouts. Creamy dill aioli ties all the flavors together. Best enjoyed cold.

HG Duck Wrap

HG Duck Wrap

Inspired by the famous Peking Duck wrap, our juicy duck wrap puts a healthier spin on the classic. Slow-cooked duck is paired with butter lettuce, scallions, and cucumber, and dressed in a sweet bean sauce.

Greek Falafel Wrap (vegetarian)

Greek Falafel Wrap

You’ll find refreshing and exotic Mediterranean flavors in this vegetarian wrap made with crispy falafel, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and Greek yogurt tzatziki sauce. Delicious when served hot or cold. Made with a whole wheat tortilla.

Thai Shrimp Wrap

Thai Shrimp Wrap

Sharing similarities with a Thai summer roll, this colorful wrap is a delightful medley of flavors and textures held together with a peanut aioli sauce. From the springiness of shrimp to the crunch of carrots, daikon, and pea sprouts, this wrap offers a winning combination of textures with every bite. Best enjoyed cold.


Pineapple Chia Parfait

Pineapple Chia Parfait

Refreshing with tropical flavors, this protein-rich parfait features a base of chia seed-infused coconut pudding with toasted coconut granola and chopped pineapple.

Superfruit Parfait

Superfruit Parfait

A treat for the eyes and stomach, this beautiful and colorful parfait layers oats brittle with passionfruit, blueberries, and pineapples.

Matcha Red Bean Parfait

Matcha Red Bean Parfait

East meets West in this unique parfait that combines citrus, black sesame honey granola, and coconut yogurt with layers of matcha and sweet red beans.

HG Anfu Lu is Moving!


Big news—Hunter Gatherer Anfu Lu is moving! We’re packing up shop at our oldest location and heading east to a new store on Shimenyi Lu at Taikoo Hui, just a few minutes walk from Nanjing West Road Metro Station.

The move is a big change for us and really hits home on how far we’ve come.

Our last day of operation at Anfu Lu is Sunday, April 23.

Moving Day Sale!

We’re offering 15% off all our all-natural grocery products at Anfu from April 11-23. Come on by one last time to “stock up your pantry!”

Come Visit Our New Store this Spring!

HG at HKRI Taikoo is slated to open in May and will feature a completely new menu. Though our Taikoo Hui store will not include a grocery, you can still find all-natural groceries at our Hubindao location or at Yimishiji, our trusted partner and online all-natural marketplace.

Meet Yimishiji

We’ve long provided all-natural retail products and chemical-free produce to the Anfu community, and we want keep that offering alive. In doing so we’d like to introduce our trusted partner Yimishiji, an all-natural online marketplace that also delivers straight to your door! Yimi and Hunter Gatherer are built upon similarly rigorous sourcing standards, with a zero-tolerance policy for chemical usage. 

You can find Yimishiji on WeChat, their APP, or https://www.yimishiji.com/.

“Remember Your Roots”

In the spirit of remembering the great memories we’ve created at HG Anfu, we invite you to share your favorite moments, memories, or experiences at Anfu Lu over the years in our WeChat comment section. We’ll select our favorite three responses and reward the winners with prizes!


Why Healthy Women Love All Natural Cherries


Sweet with a hint of tartness, juicy cherries are a treat for the eyes, taste buds, and your health! For April’s Pick of the Month, Hunter Gatherer celebrates cherries grown with all-natural farming methods in Dalian, China. Naturally good for you, these tiny and beautiful fruits are great for your skin, hair, and can even help ward off disease.
Continue reading Why Healthy Women Love All Natural Cherries

What We’re Reading: China’s Fake News About Fake Food, Fighting Fake Food, and GMO Fears

drying chilis

A bird’s-eye view of newly harvested red chilis spread out to dry in the sun in Xinjiang. (Reuters)


In China, consumers have to be on guard not just against fake food, but also fake news about food. (Quartz)

Alibaba to use blockchain to fight China’s fake food. (Tech in Asia)

GMO fears in China grow as ChemChina is set to seal the deal on purchasing agro-giant Syngenta. (Wall Street Journal)

As fish stocks collapse, China’s fishing fleet move to squid, accounting for over half their catch in foreign waters. What the Chinese boats catch, the world eats. (Financial Times)


Another reason why it’s important to Know Your Food: the global dangers of industrial meat. (Civil Eats)

Life on Mars? Scientists successfully grow potato in Mars-like laboratory conditions. (SCMP)

How good for you is chocolate? Health Ambition weighs the pros and cons. (Health Ambition)

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Put a spring in your step with limited-time Just Tiramisu


Calling all coffee and chocolate lovers—our bakery has whipped up a delicious tiramisu-like dessert that’s guaranteed to put an extra spring in your step.  Continue reading Put a spring in your step with limited-time Just Tiramisu

Keen on Quinoa, the Ancient Super Grain


Pronounced KEEN-WAH, quinoa is an ancient grain that has all the goodness of whole grains as well as all eight essential amino acids—making the food a complete protein.  Continue reading Keen on Quinoa, the Ancient Super Grain

Brighten Your Day (and Teeth!) with Sweet and Tangy Pineapple


Are you looking for a pick-me-up to brighten up your day? Deliciously tangy and sweet pineapple is a natural mood-booster that can increase energy levels and is even said to help whiten your teeth naturally. Continue reading Brighten Your Day (and Teeth!) with Sweet and Tangy Pineapple

Why Are Sprouts Important in a REAL FOOD Diet?

Colorful, diverse, and highly nutritious, sprouts are particularly beloved for their benefits to the skin and are believed to have anti-aging properties. Their low calorie but filling nature makes sprouts the ideal choice for healthy and responsible weight loss too—not to mention the colorful vegetables look fantastic wherever they’re used.

Continue reading Why Are Sprouts Important in a REAL FOOD Diet?

Hunter Gatherer X Goose Island:Introducing the Sour Sisters w/ New Grill Menu Pairings


Goose Island’s Vintage range of Sour Sister ales are beginning to appear at some of the top restaurants in Shanghai. Adding to that list is Hunter Gatherer with our newly launched grill menu. Continue reading Hunter Gatherer X Goose Island:Introducing the Sour Sisters w/ New Grill Menu Pairings